An array of leading product brands including pumps, precision micro motors and gears, ceramic (piezo) servo motors and stages, high performance solenoids, precision microswitches and stepper motors, and precision sensors and flexible printed circuits
DC & Geared Motors
Stepper Motors
Ceramic Motors
Flexi-Printed Circuits
The challenge of designing, prototyping and bringing Medical Devices to market has never been more time critical. Leveraging our medical innovation centers worldwide, our global teams design and manufacture millions of motion systems for a wide variety of precision applications.
Johnson Medtech offers a full-range of services to get your products to the market faster. From concept to production, we work collaboratively with our customers¡¦ engineers to create solutions for any medical device.

The Johnson Medtech group has unrivalled technology and capabilities that includes system and component design, tooling and mold making capability, component manufacturing and assembly in a vertically integrated ISO 13485 certified manufacturing complex. Leveraging its worldwide technical expertise, manufacturing excellence and medical device quality assurance system - JMT QS, will help bring your products to market faster than ever before with the highest quality.

With a wide range of products that include pumps, DC and AC motors and micromotors, piezo-ceramic motors, stepper and brushless motors, as well as solenoids, switches, flexible printed circuits and sensors; Johnson Medtech has the capability to select the best motion technology to suit your application.

Johnson Medtech is part of the Johnson Electric Group, a $2 billion engineering and manufacturing powerhouse with innovation centers worldwide and a vertically integrated supply chain to ensure quality and just in time performance.

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