Company | Design

Johnson Medtech's designs are based on proven technology platforms that include custom motors, gears, solenoids, switches, and flex circuits. The deep knowledge about these components allows Johnson Medtech to create technology leading medical subsystems.

The Johnson Medtech design team includes multiple engineering disciplines such as systems simulation and reliability testing, rapid prototyping, gear design, mold design, production fixture design, metal stamping tool design.

The parallel involvement of Johnson Medtech's manufacturing and process engineers, tool makers and component engineers ensure that the fabrication of molds and fixtures meets all precision requirements.

Custom engineering solutions at Johnson Medtech are much more than conceptual designs. The combined expertise and innovative power of our experts and our customers' create highly differentiated products that meet the performance and quality goals of our customers. At all stages throughout the design and production process, FMEA (Failure mode and effect analysis) is deployed to ensure long term safety and reliability.