Johnson Medtech has unrivalled technology and capabilities that includes system and component design, tooling and mold making capability, component manufacturing and assembly in a vertically integrated ISO 13485 certified manufacturing complex. Leveraging its worldwide technical expertise, manufacturing excellence and medical device quality assurance system - JMT QS, will help bring your products to market faster than ever before with the highest quality.

With a wide range of products that include pumps, DC and AC motors and micromotors, piezo-ceramic motors, stepper and brushless motors, as well as solenoids, switches, flexible printed circuits and sensors; Johnson Medtech has the capability to select the best motion technology to suit your application.

Johnson Medtech is part of the Johnson Electric Group, a $2 billion engineering and manufacturing powerhouse with innovation centers worldwide and a vertically integrated supply chain to ensure quality and just in time performance.

Johnson Medtech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Electric Holdings Limited.