Medication Delivery

Medication Delivery

Medication can be delivered to the body by paroral (mouth), subcutaneous, intravenous, transmucosal and inhalation in liquid, solid or gaseous forms.

Johnson Medtech provides high performance and reliable motion subsystems for various types of medication dosing and needle movement. The types of dosing include single dose in high precision, single injection with the full cartridge and continuous micro dosing.

Our motion subsystems are optimized for low power consumption. They are ideal for battery operated portable or miniature devices.

Custom subsystems integrated into the medication delivery device are engineered to meet the different viscosity, volume, speed, acceleration and accuracy requirements for specific drugs.

Precision DosingCustom Designed Medication Dosing Systems | Subsystem for High Viscosity Medication Dosing
Auto InjectorsCustom Designed Auto Injector Systems
Insulin Pump DrivesMiniature Drive Platform for Insulin Pump
Needle Insertion & RetractionNeedle Insertion & Retraction Solutions
Valves for Inhalation SystemsCompact Subsystems for Inhalation Devices
Pumps for Inhalation SystemsPumps for Inhalation Systems

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements for custom engineered solutions.