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Electrosurgical Devices


Reliable flexible circuit board assemblies and high performance transducers

Key Features and Benefits


  • Ingress protected against saline solution
  • Buzzer sound pressure level 85dB(A) min @10cm
  • Good traceability with lot code to be programmed in the security EEPROM
  • Able to bend the FPC at sharp radius (0.04”)
  • Shelf life of 5 years


  • Specific displacement, amplitude, capacitance, frequency, phase margin, power, impedance and life requirements

Performance Notes

  • FPCA and transducer for MIS surgery
  • FPCA with high reliability to ensure the triggering signal and ultrasonic energy are delivered
  • Transducer with high precision and aged with strict requirements to deliver precise vibration


  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • FPCA connects to the battery and ultrasonic generator to control the ultrasonic energy delivers to the blade
  • Transducer to generate ultrasonic vibration for dissecting tissues


  • FPCA with custom design for compact, special features and performance requirements
  • Transducer with optimal vibration for the highest efficiency dissecting motion