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From Manual to Powered Endostaplers


Key Features and Benefits

  • More stability, precision and repeatability with powered Endostaplers
  • Stapling and dissecting simultaneously just by actuating the trigger
  • 4-layer planetary gear motor with 8.6 Nm of torque
  • Gamma sterilizable electronic control
  • Since 12 years production with more than 10Mpcs in the field 0 Dppm (defective parts per million) for the gear motor

    Performance Notes

    • Drive trains and mechanisms for MIS and NOTES surgery
    • Repeatable and precise motion subsystems
    • Electromechanical actuators


    • Minimally invasive surgery
    • Drive blade and stapling mechanism for dissecting and stapling tissues


    • Custom design for high precision and tight tolerance requirements
    • High torque for dissecting and stapling thick tissues with ease
    • Compact, light weight and robust solutions