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Robot for Biopsy and More


Innovative design for the highest precision of biopsy needle inserting

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improved Lung Biopsy
  • Cooperation with MIT, MGH

Function of subunit:

  • Direct biopsy needle
  • Drive needle in and out
  • Link to CT-scan data
  • Single-use device
  • Meets 3.6mm target in porcine test vs. minimum 10mm lesion size for manual procedure

Performance Notes

  • Geared motors with high precision to achieve the fine movement of the biopsy needle
  • High torque geared motor for driving the biopsy needle with enough force into the lung without slippage


  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Biopsy needle positioning and inserting controlled by three geared motors


  • Three geared motors are used
  • Two of the geared motors mounted on the hemisphere for positioning the needle
  • One of the geared motors is for inserting and retracting the biopsy needle